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November 18, 2011

If you have been reading through the many top film school reviews, you may have noticed a running trend in the feedback. It seems like every film school graduate finds it impossible to turn their overly expensive education into real career opportunities. The reason is that they did not invest their time and money wisely – if they had, they would have all the hands-on training and work experience they need to get started in the industry.

Traditional four-year schools are notorious for providing the most general education with the least amount of practical hands-on experience. You cannot learn filmmaking out of a textbook or by sitting in a crowded classroom and watching the professor's favorite classic films. To learn the craft you need to do what every successful director and producer did – work at it as much as possible.

This is actually much simpler than it sounds thanks to the Film Connection which places students into externships in real film companies. Forget the classroom bemoaned by so many top film school reviews – you will be learning by working in a real film company under the guidance of an experienced filmmaker who will be your mentor for the entire duration.

Students can extern at a local film company which allows them to save on moving and room and board costs while aiming to break into their local market. Students can also join the Los Angeles film program which allows you to learn from some of the biggest names in Hollywood, make invaluable connections with well known filmmakers, and even pitch your very own film projects.

Though your training involves working on real projects, you still cover a full curriculum of topics. From the concept and script to pre-production and budgeting to filming, post-production, marketing, and distribution. Outside of what you know, the film industry is based on who you know. Students at the Film Connection get unbeatable networking opportunities to form those all-too-important connections.

Top film school reviews always complain about the lack of assistance that colleges provide graduates upon completion. The Film Connection sends you out with real world work experience and hopefully strong professional connections but that's not all. If you still have trouble finding work, the Film Connection will provide every graduate with a full year of career assistance and training at absolutely no additional cost above what you paid for tuition. Simply put, no other school gives students this much bang for their buck!

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Film Connection provides affordable, unique education models coupled with mentor-based (externship) programs that can be engaged remotely or in person.

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